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In Seoul with Jenn Chia and Samsung

"At times we are not sure if our relationship is going they way it should be. We often question ourselves if he is the one or if this is as good as it gets" – Jenn Chia.
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You know her as that candid and fun YouTube personality who is never afraid to belt out her ballads or make a comedy sketch. She is that one girl you find yourself dying to befriend.

She is Jenn Chia (or as Instagrammers know her as @soimjenn).

And this time around, Jenn partners with Samsung to create a special film, titled "SoImJenn@Seoul", where she takes the new Samsung S9 on her solo soul-searching trip in Seoul.

The best part about her journey? She wrote and sang an original song that tells the story of her memories with her boyfriend in the film.

Experience Jenn's Seoul journey yourself in the video below:

The Journey of Jenn

The story begins as Jenn heads out to explore the streets of Seoul as flashbacks of her sweet memories of her time spent with her boyfriend in Seoul surfaced.

Subsequently, she encounters a guitar in an old record shop in the Hwanghak-dong neighbourhood, where the store-owner tells her that, "Legend said that whoever plays the guitar, love will find them".

Inspired by it, Jenn wrote and recorded a song and sent it back to her loved one, showing to us that love will always find its way back home.

And if you look closely at the film, you can also get a gist of the new technology of the Samsung S9 smartphone including the super slow-motion video mode, the new AR Emoji and even Samsung Pay.

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