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Chanel invests €25 million to restore Grand Palais

Tthe Grand Palais will be restored to its former glory, all thanks to the house of Chanel.
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A historic landmark that saw the birth of countless extravagant Chanel shows since 2005, the Grand Palais is a significant part of the history of Chanel and now the French fashion house wants to restore and renovate the space.

Donating €25 million (equivalent to approx. RM120 million) to the restoration and renovation of the Grand Palais, Chanel is now officially the exclusive and historic sponsor of the restoration project.

One of the most iconic architectures in Paris, the Grand Palais will begin its restoration project in December 2020 and estimated to finish in 2024, while partial reopening of the space is slotted for 2023.

Fashion President of Chanel, Bruno Pavlovsky says, "Chanel and the Grand Palais have developed a close bond, which was initiated by Karl Lagerfeld in 2005. For Chanel, the Grand Palais, and especially its exceptional nave where our fashion shows are held, is much more than a simple monument in the heart of Paris. Its remarkable architecture makes it a true source of inspiration and creation for Karl Lagerfeld."

And to wrap this up, here are some of the most iconic runway setups by Chanel that were held inside the Grand Palais.




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