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8 Conlay Guild of Artisans: KSK Land pays tribute to Malaysian artistry

In celebration of the 62nd Merdeka and Malaysian Day, KSK Land presented 8 Conlay's Guild of Artisans, a special market to empower our homegrown talents.
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KSK Land presented 8 Conlay's Guild of Artisans to celebrate the 62nd Merdeka and Malaysian Day, a special market dedicated to Malaysian artistry and our homegrown talents.

In collaboration with Women of Will, the non-profit organisation, 8 Conlay's Guild of Artisans showcases the refined craftsmanship and Malaysian culture heritage of textile weaving, modern batik design and bespoke embroidery – just to name a few.


"As a lifestyle property developer, we are constantly looking for new ways to elevate the art of living, and in Malaysia, that ability has long been in the hands of our vibrant community of artisans; it’s that rich heritage of artistry and craftsmanship that we celebrate with 8 Conlay’s Guild of Artisans.”

-Joanne Kua, Managing Director at KSK Land

Swipe the gallery to find out what happened at 8 Conlay Guild of Artisans:




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