4 hotels and destinations that transport you back in time

Travel to places that remain unchanged, and feel like you’ve been transported to a world way before your time.
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To be honest, while we all love our cosmopolitan cities like New York, Tokyo and Paris but when it comes to complete rest and relaxation, we often look for cities or destinations that are slower and more relaxing in pace.

And here we found four hidden gems around the world that will transport you back in time for some peace and tranquillity.


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Araya-Totoan in Ishikawa, Japan

Walking on the streets in Ishikawa will certainly make you feel like you have been transported back to the Edo period.

Whether you’re in Kanazawa spotting geishas in their kimonos or shopping for lacquerware in Wajima, that old world charm remains the same.

That aside, what else is there to do in Ishikawa?

Why not stay in a ryokan (a small Japanese-style inn) that’s been around for more than 800 years? Araya-Totoan in Kaga was established in 1180 and has gotten a strong praise on a global level.

Indulge in a traditional onsen (hot spring) while staying at this ryokan and experience the immense quality of local seafood and Kaga vegetables.


Hotel Danieli in Venice, Italy

Paris aside, you’d be hard-pressed to find a city as romantic as Venice. How else will you relive your Shakespearean romance of riding in a gondola with your lover through the canals?

Fortunately, most of Venice has not changed much. Till today, it has retained its Gothic architecture, alongside its Renaissance and Baroque buildings.

Dare we say you may spot the odd jester now and then in masks? Experience the Byzantine–Gothic architecture even in your hotel room in the five-star Hotel Danieli.

Its name has constantly been changed, but the building itself has been a hotel since 1822. It is truly a picturesque place.


Bambu Indah in Ubud, Bali

It does come as a surprise that such a popular tourist destination would remain unscathed by the tides of time and modernity.

Indeed, Bali is a rare gem that retains much of its culture, temples, diverse and sophisticated art forms, and more. Your trip to this exotic Indonesian island would not be complete without a visit to the Tanah Lot temple among many others; be sure to dress modestly to respect their culture.

Modern resorts and nightlife may also dot the island, but when you prefer to keep things traditional, may we suggest Bambu Indah in Ubud?

Consisting of eight different themed houses, Bambu Indah transports you into a tranquil village life in the forest where there’s a tree house for you to climb up to overlook the valley. Bali is not just about the beach, but also its lush forest living.


Fairmont Château Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

It’s cold outside, but that’s certainly where you want to be. Make sure you plan for your ski holidays, because there’s nothing better about spending a white Christmas than falling in puffs of snow in Alberta, Canada.

If extreme winter sports aren’t your thing, how about some fun ice skating? The ski slopes remain largely unchanged by time, and it’s always worth banking on the experience of staying in an old-school ski lodge. ink sipping on a mug of hot chocolate by the replace and a wooden ski resort decorated with antlers.

Fairmont Château Lake Louise is one such ski resorts that look like it came out of a fairy tale, thanks to its towers and turrets. Oil paintings, polished wood, and a view out of your bedroom of the snowy mountains? Sign us up already.




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