Editor's Diary: PohNee at The Datai Langkawi

Our beauty writer PohNee Chin gives us resort envy during her luxe getaway to The Datai Langkawi.
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You don’t have to look beyond Malaysia for a beach resort getaway, because we have plenty. I had the chance to visit The Datai Langkawi recently, and boy, did I fall in love with this resort.

This is not your ordinary beach resort. The Datai Langkawi is a place surrounded by lush rainforest and blue waters, both rich with flora and fauna. 

Turning 24 this year, The Datai Langkawi looks anything but its age. I find out that it’s thanks to the usage of natural, unpainted wood to build the resort.

Here’s a little trivia for you: the rainforest trees that were felled while building the resort was used to construct the resort.

Also, The Datai Langkawi used elephant-felled trees to minimise the use of heavy machinery. For every tree felled while building the resort, another is planted elsewhere on the island of Langkawi. 

So, read on to discover the wonders of this luxe resort!

Cocktail by the beach

First, it doesn’t really feel like a beach holiday until you sip on a cocktail by the beach!

The Room

During my stay, I was put up in the Rainforest Villa. Surrounded by trees, the sound of nature lulled me to sleep nightly!

The Bath

The bathroom in my Rainforest Villa was amazingly huge! I couldn’t resist an opportunity to soak in the tub whilst looking out to the view of rainforest trees. 

The Pool

Perhaps one of the most iconic images of The Datai Langkawi: the main pool, which can be seen from the lobby lounge. 

The Wildlife

Dusky leaf monkeys were one of the many wildlife roaming around the resort. Unlike the macaques, these monkeys only eat plants – they won’t steal your food!

The Dining Room

Breakfast of champions – foie gras and baked egg – at the à la carte breakfast buffet in The Dining Room.

The Spa Village

Whilst exploring one morning, I stumbled upon this picturesque walkway leading towards the Spa Village and the beach. 

The Lotus Pond

The lotus pond, home to many different species of frogs. Watch your step, because they tend to jump out!

It wasn’t always bright and sunny during my stay. But when it rained, I made up for it by reading on the balcony, enjoying the sounds of the rain falling on leaves.


If you have enjoyed this tour of The Datai Langkawi and would love to fly over, just visit for more details and reservations.



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