The L'Officiel Edit: New Year Resolutions

A new year beckons and it's time to set new goals and tick things off our buckets lists.
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Finally, a new year has arrived and like every year before this, it is time to make our New Year resolutions – be it for fashion, beauty, personal or travels.

From backpacking in Asia to beauty vows and shopping rules, the L’Officiel team are making their resolutions public right here, right now as a way to make sure we actually enforce them.

So what did we promise? Read on to find out who vowed what and where!

Jeffrey Yan, Fashion Editor

This year, I vow to “buy less, but better” in fashion, which is exactly what it means: buying lesser but better quality pieces that can last.

Also, to spend less on material things and more on experiences.

John Ng, Deputy Editor

Dubbed the happiest place on earth, Bhutan is on the top of my travel bucket list and I am looking forward to planning a trip there this year.

The colours, culture, landscape and people, I think it will be amazing!

Monica Mong, Managing Editor

Mine is to shed more pounds so that I can be in my best shape to wear Comme des Garcons and pay tribute to my favourite designer Rei Kawakubo’s solo exhibition in The Costume Institute, New York, come May.

PohNee Chin, Beauty Writer

I have always been a lipstick kind of girl; trying out bold and unusual colours are quite the norm for me. Because of that, I kind of neglected my eye makeup and only stuck to my signature winged liner.

So this year, I want to be more adventurous with my eye makeup, play around with more eye shadow palettes, and practice on my blending skills.

Nikita Nawawi, Editorial Assistant

I want to go backpacking (on a shoestring) through Southeast Asia again. I’ve done several countries before but could never finish it.

So this year, I want to pick up from where I left off and venture to the Philippines, Laos, Brunei and  Timor-Leste.

Calvin Chong, Digital Editor

It’s been 6 years since my last trip to New York and this year is the year that I am making a journey back to the Big Apple.

I can’t wait to immerse myself again in the metro-realness of Manhattan, binge on Shake Shack burgers and, of course, to visit the coming MET exhibition for Rei Kawakubo.



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