Finish That Sentence: Godfrey Gao

Our favourite heartthrob talks Christmas, hot tubs and starting a fashion line.
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A renowned heartthrob for his many acting prowess and modelling gigs, the Name Godfrey Gao is no stranger to most of us – especially the ladies.

And on the rare occasion where he comes back to visit Malaysia (yes, he is half Malaysian) for the launch of the Swarovski Crystallised Merry Go Round, we had an exclusive meet with the strapping gentleman, where he opens up about his ideal Christmas holiday, coming projects and even, New Year resolutions.

If you need more reasons to love him, one of his answers includes a hot tub, outdoors and snow!

"My ideal Christmas celebration would be… spending time in a cabin up on Whistler, where I can go into a hot tub outdoors with snow falling around me."

Growing up in Canada, a typical Christmas celebration would be…  turkey dinner, eggnog, cranberries and a lot of alcohol (laughs).

My first encounter with Swarovski was when…  I bought my mum her first Swarovski crystal necklace as a gift when I was in high school with my hard-earned money from my part time job. She loved it.

On Swarovski’s Merry Go Round CSR campaign…   I hope that everyone will join in to support and help give back to the local community.

The one thing I look forward to most in Christmas is…  exchanging gifts. I started doing that (Secret Santa) when I was in high school. I love that we get to be creative when buying the present to be exchanged.

Right now, my ideal Christmas celebration would be…  spending time in a cabin up on Whistler, where I can go into a hot tub outdoors with snow falling around me and of course, spending time with family and friends.

On my Christmas wish list this year is…  one of latest virtual reality game console. Maybe the new HTC Vive or the Playstation VR.

It’s the end of the year now. My new year resolution is…  to have more time off from work (sighs). I haven’t really had a proper vacation to spend time with my family and friends.

If I do get more time off, I would…  probably go on a cruise or something.

On my bucket list, I would love to…  try skydiving, bungee jumping and other extreme sports. I just love that adrenaline rush that I’d get.

My best trait is…  I always make sure everyone has a good time when they’re with me. I love to cook and entertain. So, whoever you are, I want you to feel welcomed at my house and to enjoy yourselves.

On personal style and fashion, I believe…  in detailing. I look for the attention to detail put into every garment that I’m wearing.

My next exciting project is…  an e-commerce fashion brand named YOYUU that I’m working on with a partner and it’s launching end of the year.

Our vision for YOYUU is…  utility workwear. So it’s soft-to-touch, dry-fit and comfortable fashion, like suits that you can wear even while riding a bike.

On Crazy Rich Asians and countless fan casting, I see myself as…   obviously Nicholas Young (smirks).

I’ve read the book and…  it has a very interesting story with a lot of variety in Asian culture. I hope that this will be a hit!

If I were to join the cast…  I’d probably need to start working on my English accent first!

I’m not here (Malaysia) as often as I want to be…  but I did spend a good month in Penang for Chinese New Year. That was great!

My favourite thing about Malaysia is…  family and the food. It goes from the cendol to Nyonya food and char koay teow. My uncle’s club has a great chef that does amazing Xia Ren Dan Chao Fan (shrimp and egg fried rice).

To my Malaysian fans…  I’m really sorry I haven’t been back in a while but I’m so happy to be here this week. I’d love to come back to do more work like events and TV shows here.



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