80+ photos that capture the best of #MY3LOFF

The wait is over. Our official photos of #MY3LOFF is finally here for your viewing pleasure!
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As you've all seen and heard on social media (see: #MY3LOFF); and some of you even attended, we hosted our L'Officiel Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Party earlier this September 2018 at The Paper in APW Bangsar.

And like all our anniversary parties before, this year sees KL's most stylish and talented personas in attendance, as we celebrate the beauty of print.

After a long wait, we finally got our hands on our official photos, captured by the All Is Amazing crew (@allisamazing). So, let us take you on a recap tour on all that had happened at #MY3LOFF right now!


This year, we collaborated with APW Bangsar for our party venue and transformed a former paper warehouse into a unique space just for #MY3LOFF.

Not only that, we also took advantage of the open space at APW to house our many art installations to create plenty of spectacular sights to promote our many local talents including lighting artist Jun Ong and paper artist Joanne Chew.

We also worked with a few international brands to create pop-up spaces to entice our guests for the night including Stoned & Co., Uniqlo and Braun Buffel.

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The Space

And for some of our VIP guests, we have the privilege to have Toyota as our official car sponsor and had prepared eight cars to chauffeur them to our party.

Among the eight guests include Nazim Othman, Cherrie Mun, Evangeline Au, Siti Saleha and Lynn Lim, who were are chauffeured in the new Toyota C-HR.

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Guests arriving in Toyota C-HR

No party is successful without a stellar guest list and this year, we see returning stars and newcomers to the L'Officiel squad and each of them is dressed in the best looks of the season.

From Neelofa and Kittie Yiyi in Gucci; Lynn Lim and Janice Low in Chanel, and Tong Bing Yu in Emporio Armani to Nazim Othman and Fattah Amin in Dior Homme; Cherrie and Evangeline in Gucci; and Alvin Chong in Paul Smith, the stars are set to blind us with impeccable style.

Other stellar personalities include Thanuja Ananthan, Jane Chuck, Ashley Chong, Andre Amir, Ryzal Jaafar, Yiu Lin, Alicia Amin and more.

First, let's take a look at our photo wall collection below!


And from the arrivals, we move on to our official opening remarks hosted by the one and only Bernie Chan, where our CEO Olivier Burlot and managing editor Monica Mong gave their speeches respectively.

From then on, it's party all the way as DJ KoFlow took over the decks to spin electrifying music to pump up the atmosphere, where everyone danced, drank and be merry all night long!

Fueled with street food and plenty of cocktails and beverages, the night was truly one for the books.


As we mentioned before, we had a list of amazing talents and brands who created unique spaces for our party and they include a light installation by Jun Ong, a paper art installation by Joanne Chew for Uniqlo, a neon lights set by Braun Buffel, a pop-up cocktail bar by Coley x Artisan and an experiential building by Stoned & Co.

See how our guests interact with these masterpieces below:


Our party will never be complete without our amazing sponsors:

Absolut, Aditus, APW, Armani/Fiori, Artisan Roastery, Braun Buffel, Chivas, Coley, Heineken,

Porter International, Martell, Strongbow, Stoned &Co., The Alphabet Press, Toyota, Uniqlo, World of Rewards


Last but not least, a big shoutout to team L'Officiel Malaysia, who made it all happen behind-the-scenes!

Team L'Officiel Malaysia



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