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An Italian romance with Roberto Coin's Roman Barocco collection

A nod to the Italian Baroque stylistic period with intricate details, intense colour and grand design.
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Looking no further than its own homeland for inspiration, Roberto Coin pays tribute to Italian architectural feats with the Roman Barocco rings. The dramatic domes and spirals, and gilt-edged colonnades of royal palaces are eloquently expressed through the woven gold wire motif—the cornerstone of the Barocco line since the very beginning.

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The geometric silhouette along with the three-row square design, however, ground the finger jewels in present time and simultaneously show off Roberto Coin’s revered twisted thread technique. Rose or white gold strands in 18k are masterfully interlaced to play up the element of proportion as well as the interplay between shadow and light.

Round brilliant diamonds raise the stakes as they are methodically titivated in the square frames, giving the pieces a stunning optical effect that brings to mind the artful light shows in the Baroque era. Embodying the spectacular opulence of Italy, these neo-classic rings are made for the Sophia Lorens and Silvana Manganos of the world.



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