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Les Blés de Chanel collection

Wheat makes a lavish entry into Chanel’s high jewellery range as it pays homage to one of Coco Chanel’s most personal symbols.
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The high jewellery Les Blés de Chanel collection, inspired by wheat, celebrates for the first time this fundamental element of Coco Chanel’s world, following the life cycle of what with 62 high jewellery pieces.

Coco Chanel’s innate fondness for wheat might have something to do with her date of birth. Born on the 19th of August, it coincided with the harvest festival, a celebration held at the end of the summer when harvests were plentiful.

Often, she would hear her father call it “my good wheat” and that expression resounded with her all her life. So it’s safe to say the symbol of prosperity and abundance, which eventually turned into one of her lucky charms, never left her.

Champ de Blé earrings

Moreover, the harvest is conjured up through the variations of Moisson de Perles, Moisson Ensoleillée and Bouquet de Moisson, which see diamonds, yellow sapphires and pearls. Brins de Printemps, Brins de Diamants and Premiers Brins, on the other hand, pay tribute to the tender young wheat with diamonds, peridots, crystalline and aquamarines.

Champ de Blé, Impression de Blé and Blé In ni reinvent the wheat motif with graceful, glittering pattern designs; not unlike the Cascade d’Epi necklace and earrings with diamonds entangled in a network of foliage.

Last but by no means least, the Légende de Blé necklace displays a majestic ear-of-wheat in white gold and diamonds that delicately caresses the neckline, leaving a highly coveted luminous sparkle.



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