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L'Officiel x Casio Sheen: Cherrie Mun on keeping up with time

A special project between L'Officiel Malaysia and Casio Sheen, we talk to Cherrie and three other personalities on the concept of time.
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In this fast-paced generation who lives and breathes technology, time is always of the essence, which is why we collaborated with Casio Sheen to examine the concept of time and how to keep up with it.

And who better to look into this than our most stylish tech-savvy personalities and we have four of them!

The first right here is Cherrie Mun (@cherriemun_), one part of the duo behind A style influencer, fashion stylist and blogger, Cherrie shares with us her secret to multitasking and keeping up with time efficiently.

And starring with her in this exclusive video is the new generation of the Casio Sheen Time Ring Series, a smartwatch collection that combines style and function in one to keep you connected everywhere you go.

(Watch the video right now down below)

Cherrie Mun shares her method to be time efficient

Using Bluetooth technology, Casio Sheen introduces the mobile link function to its Time Ring series, where you can connect your watch to your smartphone.

With this watch, you can keep track of time in two different locations (you can select from up to 300 cities available) through the mobile link, which utilises your phone's internet time server to automatically adjust the timezone.

All this can be done using the Casio Watch+ app, which is available for both Apple iPhones and Android smartphones.

Made for the jet sets like Cherrie, the Casio Sheen watch will constantly keep you on time no matter where you are.


To find out more about the Casio Sheen smartwatch collection, visit

Filmography: Where's The Fish Production
Styling: Jeffrey Yan
Hair: Garrie Sim / Shawn Cutler 
Makeup: Rae Seok / Plika Makeup
Special thanks: Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar



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