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Inside the new Tiffany & Co. duplex in Pavilion KL

Oozing luxury and style, the new Tiffany & Co. duplex flagship is a must-visit when in Pavilion KL. See for yourself right here.
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One of our favourite international jewellers, Tiffany & Co., is back with a brand new extravagant duplex flagship boutique in Pavilion KL and it is a must-visit if you are one for luxury experiences and fine jewels.

Resonating with the core design philosophy of the Tiffany & Co. brand, the new flagship boutique inside Pavilion KL spans over 3,400 square feet and blends contemporary lines with magnificent design into one stunning spectacle.

And we are here to take you on a mini-tour of the new space!

From the crystal chandelier, inspired by its Milan and Moscow flagship boutiques, to the spiralling staircase that pays tribute to the classic white ribbon of the Tiffany blue box, the new space boasts of many iconic designs and architect.

Its magnificent stairway aside (which is absolutely Insta-perfect), this new duplex showcases various salons, featuring the many unique offerings by Tiffany & Co.

The first on the list is the Fine Jewellery Salon, where you can find the most precious gems and jewels that are perfect for your next red carpet event or black tie affairs.

From there, we move to the Fashion Salon, a space made to house all its stylish chic new jewellery like the Tiffany HardWear collection that just launched this year.

(Swipe through the gallery below for more photos)


And last but not least, there is the Bridal Salon, a captivating space where lovebirds visit to find their one-and-only engagement rings. And here, you'd also see a wall of hand-painted and gilded Tiffany Magnolia glass panels that are inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s original stained glass windows on exhibit at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

For those looking for privacy when on their shopping trips, Tiffany & Co. has also prepared the Private Sales Salon for your comfort in luxury.

All in all, it is the perfect home for the exquisite Tiffany & Co. jewellery that we all know and love.



The new Tiffany & Co. duplex flagship boutique is now open and located at Level 2 and 3 of Pavilion KL Shopping Mall. For more information, you can call +603 2142 6282.




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