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Dior Joaillerie presents the Archi Dior Ring

Threading romantic lace into the Archi Dior collection, the combination of the brand’s haute couture staple with Monsieur Dior’s passion for architecture is in perfect synergy.
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Lace to Christian Dior is pretty much what spatulas, palette knives and trowels were to artist Jean Paul Riopelle or the “wipe effect” was to filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. These are devices instrumental in catapulting the respective artists into big-name brands. Like ribbons, silk and draping, lace has been a mainstay at the heritage house for aeons, cherished for its ethereal lightness. It’s a recurring motif that has not only made a splash in fashion but also in jewellery.


Just two years after picking the fine fabric from the archives for the Dior Dior Dior high jewellery collection, Dior Joaillerie creative director Victoire de Castellane has given the Archi Dior range a similarly extravagant treatment. The new reinterpretation sees de Castellane blending the “coutural” spirit of the lace with Monsieur Dior’s architectural principle which was the starting point for Archi Dior when it debuted in 2014.


This neo-Archi Dior ring, in particular, embodies the delicacy of the meshwork as well as Dior’s excellence in high fashion. Crafting it in white gold with diamonds, de Castellane’s recutting of the lace pieces has transformed the lightweight fabric into a jewellery heavyweight champion. The ring also reflects the exceptional savoir-faire of the Dior Joaillerie artisans as the feminine curves of the ring describe the movement of a skirt or the pleat of a dress.

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