Time to get fit with Bonia's fitness-inspired collection “Dravmo”

Lending sophistication to your on-the-go fitness lifestyle.
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Following the release of Neu Romantic collection, an introduction to the Bonia’s major shift towards a bolder and more contemporary aesthetic, the Malaysian brand marks its foray into the world of fitness with the launch of Dravmo, available exclusively on 


“We’re looking to diversify our product range more than ever before, This will be the first time the brand has ventured outside leather goods and apparel in its 46-year history, and we wanted to celebrate that in a big waywith a fitness-inspired collection – but this is just the start for the neu Bonia.”

– Dato’ Sri Daniel Chiang, Executive Director of Bonia.


Inspired by the urban lifestyle and the needs of everyday athletes, Dravmo presents the minimal black yoga mat made of natural rubber and non-slip TPE, which lends comfort and offers the benefits of being free of toxins, latex and PVC. However, the star of the collection actually goes to the Dravmo Duffel Bag, designed specifically to carry the yoga mat and everything you need for that on-the-go lifestyle. 

Scroll down to take a look at Bonia's fitness-inspired Dravmo collection:

1609145752422980 bonia 3
Dravmo Yoga Mat with Holder
1609145656209938 bonia 1
Dravmo Duffel Bag L
1609145698281863 bonia 2
Dravmo Duffel Bag M

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