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Citizen introduces 'A Duet Of Two Rings' timepiece to its L collection

Citizen gets its priorities right with an ethical approach in the creation of elegance.
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Citizen is a watchmaking brand that needs no introduction, and we have come to discover that the Citizen L collection of timepieces symbolises a new kind of ethical luxury.

Rooted in the idea of pure elegance, its latest model, A Duet Of Two Rings, represents perfect harmony and encapsulates a symmetrical bezel and case created in two different tones. Between the two rings is a circular space that evokes an airy and graceful aesthetic.

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Giving the watch a hint of sparkle is a single diamond at 12 o’clock that provides a charming interplay with the mother-of-pearl dial. With every turn of the wrist, the solitary gem catches a glimmer of light and allows the wearer to exude sophistication in a subtle fashion.

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Much as the beauty and appearance of the watch is captivating, what makes it even more special is its rich backstory that is redefining the notion of the modern luxury. For Citizen, luxury equates products that are made with proper respect for people and the planet. 

Taking a revolutionary approach in ethical manufacturing, the brand’s first step is to utilise technology to turn light into energy. Its Eco-Drive core technology is able to generate energy even from a very dim source light from which the surplus is stored on a power cell.

With a single full charge, a Citizen timepiece can run for over six months, even in the dark. This negates the need to constantly replace batteries for the watch resulting in an environment-friendly concept that parallels the process of photosynthesis used by plants.

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Going further in its commitment towards ethical manufacturing, Citizen’s philosophy is to opt for components with the lowest possible environmental burden; disclose all materials used and all the CO2 emitted; secure DRC conflict-free mineral certification; use FSC-certified paper and sustainable packaging; and most importantly, equip all models with Eco-Drive. 

In lending its voice for an environmental cause, Citizen watchmaking points us towards an ethical paradigm shift, which it articulates as “having the courage to do small things that when taken together emerges as the power to change the world.” It urges us to start looking at the world through the lens of the impact we can make in order to discover a simple way to a different and better future.

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