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Cartier redefines the classic Santos-Dumont collection

As the time passed, Cartier has reinvented the new Santos de Cartier collection to tribute the daring legacy of aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.
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The Santos-Dumont harks back to 1904 when aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont ordered the first modern wristwatch from Louis Cartier.

The 20th-century design revolution in Paris had shone the spotlight on the beauty of linear geometry and symmetry, that inspired the pared-down square form of Cartier’s Santos-Dumont in reference to the Eiffel Tower’s four corners. Dumont once stated, “I’ve always been charmed by simplicity.”

And it is with this premise that the new Santos- Dumont watch is based on as a tribute to the historical model with its pure and understated design of a square dial and visible screw trademark.

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Mounted on an alligator leather strap and cased in gold, gold and steel, or all steel, the latest rendition of the Santos-Dumont and its features: Roman numerals, visible screws, a beaded winding crown and blue cabochon, all point to its watchmaking heritage. As much as it complemented Dumont’s debonair and dapper style back in the day, the Santos-Dumont is a perfect fit for the current zeitgeist—for all occasions and for both gents and ladies. Now powered by a high-efficiency quartz movement that endures around six years, courtesy of the Cartier Manufacture reworking and resizing the movement to reduce energy consumption coupled with a high-performance battery, the new Santos-Dumont is a definitely a beautiful classic to wear forever.

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