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Wanderlust + Co wants to curate your ears with dazzling jewels

Even if you have no piercings, you can dress your ear up with the Curated Ear collection by Wanderlust + Co.
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If you have lived through high school the '90s and '2000s, you would most probably have that crazy obsession to have multiple piercings (and we dare say even now we want it!).

But most of the time, pain and work come in the way of having that chic-looking studs on your ear. That's where Wanderlust + Co swoops in and save the day with the Curated Ear collection – a collection of diamante studs, cosmic hoops and celestial ear cuffs, where some of them don't require any piercings at all!

Be it a second loop, the conch or helix, you can have them look the part without the pain. We definitely say "hurrah!" to that.

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Known for its fine jewellery and accessories, the Curated Ear collection highlights a few different series – the Celestial, The Lumiere and the Piercing.

In the Celestial Series, you have stars and moon motifs scattered within the designs, some are simply dangling earrings, while other studs and cuffs can help create a multiple-piercing look for you. As for the Lumiere Series, there are minimal pave cuffs and easy-to-wear Huggies earrings, studded in crystal and emerald green cubic zirconia.Fina

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Finally, for the bold, daring and stylish, Wanderlust + Co introduces the Piercing Edit – the brand’s first-ever flat back unisex piercing jewellery collection made to sit beautifully across the ears in comfort for quicker healing.

Made with surgical steel and implant grade titanium posts, the Piercing Edit also comes in 2 sizes suitable for new and healed piercings, where each has a flat back (screw) for comfortable healing and sleep.

And for those of you who follow Wanderlust + Co on social media, you know that the brand has been organising periodic events, where they work with professional piercer, Ronny from Spec Body Art, to provide piercings for Wanderlust + Co patrons (subject to booking and availability).


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