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Bella Hadid on the new Bulgari B.zero1 Collection

After almost 20 years and several iterations, the B.zero1 continues to break the rules of jewellery design – much like the latest addition to the collection.
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It's not at all difficult to see how Rome has inspired Bvlgari. For over 130 years, the Eternal City has played an integral role in defining Bvlgari – imbuing the brand with its rich history and unmistakable Italian identity.

To wit, it was the Colosseum, the capital's historical landmark, that gave rise to one of Bvlgari's most iconic creations: the B.zero1.

First unveiled in 1999, the B.zero1 ring was the most revolutionary of its kind with its audacious and striking three-dimensional design.

Over the years, the B.zero1 has displayed the uncanny ability to evolve with the times, undergoing numerous reinventions such as 2010's transformation by renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor and Zaha Hadid's much-lauded B.zero1 Design Legend collection last year. And now, Bvlgari breaks the rules of jewellery design yet again with its latest incarnation, the B.zero1 Labyrinth.

BVLGARI B.Zero1 featuring Bella Hadid

Like its predecessors, the new B.zero1 is modelled after the Colosseum as a symbol of strength and character.

But more than that, the B.zero1 Labyrinth also reflects the Bvlgari way of life: reinventing the rules and living life in the most authentic way possible. 

Its most distinguishing feature is its captivating curves, where rose gold melds with white gold in one ever-changing spiral.

The B.zero1 Labyrinth comes in four variations: a bold four-band ring in white and rose gold – also available with pavé diamonds – and two pendant necklaces.

“B.zero1 represents my powerful side, the one that proclaims difference in the face of conformity.”

Bringing to her charismatic strength to the B.zero1 collection is model and Bvlgari muse, Bella Hadid. Strong, individualistic and fiercely independent, Bella is a natural fit with the brand and everything it stands for. She says it best she proclaims: “B.zero1 represents my powerful side, the one that proclaims difference in the face of conformity.”



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