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Bell & Ross BR05 is an urban time measuring instrument

The contemporary metropolitan time instrument from Bell & Ross BR05 collection will definitely bring you melody and joy.
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Drawing from the iconic square of the BR 03 and its reputation for withstanding extreme environments, Bell & Ross recently released the BR 05 collection.

With a distinctly urban spirit and imbued with the brand’s keywords: legibility, functionality, reliability and precision, the BR 05 is birthed from the advent of a new case silhouette that merges the round and square forms—the very geometric shapes that embody the Bell & Ross identity.

The integrated case comes fused with a bracelet that grants the watch “a graphic style which is both striking and modern” according to Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross co-founder and creative director.

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What gives the BR 05 its eye-catching edge? There are many elements such as its rich satin and polished finishes that emphasise the respective flat and more voluminous surfaces of the case, bevels and flexible steel bracelet; and the impeccably designed arc of the curve that aligns all components and for the bracelet to wrap comfortably around wrists with a seamless fit.

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The BR 05 is powered by the BR-CAL.321 open-worked movement, wound by a 360° oscillating weight. Silver grey, navy blue or deep black are the three dial colours of the BR 05 decorated with a subtle sunray finish. Without a doubt, this new sculptural timepiece beauty is the superb embodiment of integrated design, robust comfort and meticulous finishes.


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