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Behind The Scenes: Lady Gaga for Tiffany & Co.

Let's go behind the scenes to Lady Gaga's Tiffany & Co. shoot to see what she has to say about New York, jewellery and women empowerment.
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With a creative mind like Grace Coddington and an iconic star like Lady Gaga, there is, with little doubt, that the Tiffany HardWear campaign film is one of the best in 2017.

First made its debut at the Super Bowl halftime show, the Tiffany HardWear collection (see it here) has captivated the hearts of many (including us).

And in celebration of the film, Tiffany & Co. has now released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video to take us to the campaign shoot with Grace and Lady Gaga.

On the collaboration, Lady Gaga says, "It was an exciting day to do something different together and I just love the images we created. We created something that was classic but still had a little bit of an edge."


Tiffany & Co. — Behind the Scenes with Lady Gaga
"It is a misconception that a man or your lover has to buy you jewellery."

Designed to embody the creative and independent spirit of New York, the Tiffany HardWear collection portrays the modern rebellious spirit of women today.

And as a champion of equality and freedom, Lady Gaga is the perfect fit for the collection.

In the video, she also mentions that "It is a misconception that a man or your lover has to buy you jewellery. I think a woman can buy herself jewellery and put it on with dignity, that you earned it."



You can find out more about the Tiffany HardWear collection by Tiffany & Co. here.



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