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Autumn Sonata: Pandora presents new O Pendant

Pandora’s back-to-nature offerings bring together personality and timeless designs—a unique combo that’s further elevated by the new Pandora O Pendant as it emboldens women to express their passion and collect their stories.
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There’s strength in vulnerability and Pandora’s latest oak leaf series is a contemplation of it. The Danish jeweller embraces the melancholia of autumn and takes its aficionados on a journey into the woods—a whimsical setting straight out of fairy tales.

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The new collection is all about women’s passion: from nature and nurture to fairytales and fantasy, to being rebellious and embracing their freedom of expression. The pieces are made with the idea of versatility in mind. Mixing and matching are encouraged to explore the individual’s creative side.

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A number of woodland and leaf-inspired pieces round up the new assortment, finely crafted in sterling silver or 18k gold- plated sterling silver with brilliant stones. The craftsmen at work went the extra mile and replicated the delicate venation pattern of the leaves with utmost precision.

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The commitment and attention to details is extended to the silhouette of each jewel. Whether it’s a pair of drop earrings, pendants, charms or even the two-finger ring, nature’s imperfections are continuously conveyed through asymmetrical designs, torn edges and more.

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The new Pandora Moments O Pendant, on the other hand, takes after the iconic Pandora O symbol and boasts snake chain surface in sterling silver, Pandora Shine or Pandora Rose. Offered in small and medium sizes (a large version is available for the sterling silver edition), the versatile O Pendants can carry up to seven adornments of the wearer’s own choosing.

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