Jet Set Go: Juwei & Yaya are the Longchamp La Voyageuse Girls

A bag made for trendsetting travellers, who better to showcase the best of the design than these two multi-hyphenate ladies?
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A new icon that made its debut just days ago, the Longchamp La Voyageuse stormed social media in the arms of supermodel and house ambassador Kendall Jenner.

Taking the bag onto a chopper and setting off to the Longchamp atelier in Segré, the campaign imagery tells the story of "La Voyageuse", which translates to "The Traveller" in English. In the official release, Longchamp describes it as "a style, a state of mind, and an insatiable curiosity to discover new countries, new cultures. She is the ultimate globetrotter."

That leads us to today where we cast two of Malaysia's most stylish multi-hyphenates – Juwei Teoh (@juweiteoh), an influencer and founder of Materialipstick; and Yaya Zahir (@yayazahir), Malaysian actress, TV host and proprietor of Asly, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle startup.

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Juwei with the Longchamp La Voyageuse small tote bag in debossed LGP monogram.


First, we take a close look at the small tote version – a bag made for shorter journeys and mostly likely spotted on the arms of the jetsetters at the airport. Created in a wide array of materials and finishing, the La Voyageuse Small Tote can be found made in plain calf leather, debossed LGP monogram (on Juwei above) and the LGP Jacquard.

Sleek in style with a little rough and cool touch around the edges, the small tote is

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Juwei & Yaya with the Longchamp La Voyageuse collection of bags.

The LGP Jacquard edition (as seen on Juwei below) is one to take extra note for its exquisite finishing – an intricately crafted design in black and white, embroidered with the all-over LGP monogram on a wool canvas base.

The best thing about the tote? You can interchange its belt that wraps around the bag into different colours for a more vibrant take of the silhouette.

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Yaya with Longchamp La Voyageuse crossbody in LGP monogram; Juwei with Longchamp La Voyageuse in LGP Jacquard




The Longchamp girl is always on-the-go, which means the tote is not enough to cater to all her needs. That's when the Longchamp La Voyageuse crossbody bag (on Yaya below) comes into play – a single compact design that comes with two silhouettes. 

First, the bag features with a removable shoulder strap for you to sling on as you navigate your way through cities and countries.

And with a snap of a clasp to take off the strap, the crossbody doubles up as a clutch, perfect to take you out on a stylish evening party or date night!

1567662713642226 lofficiel 41942
Yaya Zahir with the Longchamp La Voyageuse crossbody bag in LGP monogram.




Versatility has always been the key focus of all Longchamp designs. After all, the Longchamp DNA has always been focused on travellers and how to bring style into the jet-set game.

So, the Longchamp La Voyageuse Tote is that companion you need for that little extra wow factor when you jet off. Available in red, beige and black debossed Longchamp LGP print, the trinity of hues makes the perfect classic for any traveller.

1567662722917134 lofficiel 42313
Juwei with the Longchamp La Voyageuse tote bag.

When unfolded the bag is an unassuming classic large tote bag that can fit all essentials but when you want to head out for business and party, just roll it up and you have yourself a convertible clutch that packs a bang in style!

What more can you ask for from a bag collection?

1567662731929877 lofficiel 42285
Yaya with the Longchamp La Voyageuse tote bag.



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Photographer: Eric Chow / Blink Studio
Styling: Calvin Chong
Makeup: Joey Yap
Hair: Angeline Low
Assistants: Muhammad Syazil
Special thanks: Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Outfits & Accessories: Longchamp Fall/Winter 2019 collection



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