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Meet Annoushka, jewellery designer to the stars and British royalty

She is the wonder maker of jewels for the stars including the likes of Kate Middleton and Rihanna
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From the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to Rihanna, some of today’s most extraordinary women have worn the versatile creations of jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas.

Straight from her studio in Chelsea, London, we sat down with Annoushka to talk more about her latest collection from her eponymous brand and her personal relationship with jewellery.

What does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery is a very emotive and intensely personal thing for me and my designs are reflective of this: It is so important to me that every piece should tell a story and have a very particular meaning for the wearer.

Playfulness and vibrancy are at the heart of all of my designs, combined with a strong narrative and a real sense of romance. Every piece is designed to be cherished and handed down: I want my collections to sit alongside heirloom jewels in a fresh, contemporary way.

I am inspired by everything – from my travels to my daughters Chloe and Marina, who always ensure that I have my finger on the pulse. 

Your latest collection, Touch Wood, is very much inspired by superstition and your Russian roots.

Touch Wood is one of the most personal, nostalgic collections I have ever designed. I have always believed that fortune plays a big part in our lives and I want these pieces to act as personal talismans.

As a little girl, I often travelled to Russia with my Russian mother who imported quarter horses back into the UK. She had a beautiful wooden ring that she would instinctively touch in moments of uncertainty and this sense of comfort is something I tried to capture in this collection.

We are living in very uncertain times and I wanted to design something talismanic, which provides a feeling of hope and protection.  Each design features a piece of ebony so that the wearer is always touching wood. 

"Playfulness and vibrancy are at the heart of all of my designs, combined with a strong narrative and a real sense of romance." 

Who do you design for?

I design my jewellery with remarkable women in mind and I am thrilled that some of the most beautiful and accomplished women in the world have worn my jewellery over the past few years.

I think my jewellery appeals to the woman who is looking for something unique; who isn’t afraid to be different.

I love colour and my jewellery features vibrant stones that I have collected along my travels – so there is a real statement element in my designs.

I want to give women confidence to experiment with their jewellery – whether it’s mixing different types of gold or stacking earrings. More is more and anything goes when it comes to my jewellery!

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