Saint Laurent redefines "killer heels"

We really mean it when we say "dressed to kill"!
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Heels, in general, aren't easy to walk in but Saint Laurent really takes things on a literal sense when they revealed this roller skate-stiletto hybrid for this coming Fall 2017.

Taking the top spot on our "Literally Dying For Fashion" and "Fashion Is Pain And We Don't Care" lists, these latest fashion soles are only meant for those dressed to kill – literally!

The masterpiece by Anthony Vaccarello, the killer heels are now prominently featured in Saint Laurent's Fall 2017 campaign and is set to drop in stores come September, but not in Malaysia so far.

Hong Kong is your best bet if you have USD 1995 (approx. RM 8,560) to spare and have sufficient life insurance coverage (we joke, not really).

(Swipe below for a sneak peek of the shoes)


But look on the bright side, put on these soles and navigating through fashion weeks this coming season will be a breeze. You can just zip right through traffic in flaming hot wheels on heels and make a great target for all street style photographers!

Your look will be plastered in every single site and magazine! That is if you can pull off this seemingly impossible stunt. Maybe asking your child or nephew and nieces might help (they have Heelys 24/7 anyway).

So, will you be willing to risk it? We just might or maybe we'll just stick to this safety-approved version with no wheels attached (see below) made by Anthony for the faint-hearted and those without insane acrobatic skills.



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