You can personalise your own My Lady Dior bag now

Now you can even personalised your very own My Lady Dior bag.

A modern classic, brought to fame by Princess Diana in the '90s, the Lady Dior bag has now debuted a smaller size dubbed My Lady Dior.

And to up its miniature appeal, the new version also comes with adorable pin badges that can be used to personalise the bag to the wearer’s fancy. 

Inspired by the romantic, feminine codes of Dior, the badges come in motifs like bees, roses, stars and lily-of-the-valley.


On the bag's body aside, the pin badges can also be clipped onto its detachable strap – making it the perfect day-to-evening bag for all ladies of style.

Three badges come with each purchase of the My Lady Dior, though of course one could get as many as they want and pin to their hearts’ delight.



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