6 lessons to learn in "Inside Chanel: Gabrielle, the Quest for Freedom"

Chapter 20 of the video series offers life lessons from the house’s inimitable founder
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A fashion legend of 20th-century, Mademoiselle Gabrielle Coco Chanel still plays a pivotal role in her eponymous brand, close to 50 years after her passing.

And in the latest project for Chanel's "Year of Gabrielle" tribute to its founder, the Parisian house has launched a new "Inside Chanel" film.

Titled "Gabrielle, the Quest for Freedom", the film documentary explores the icon’s fiery personality.

Think what you may of her her politics, her obfuscation of her chequered past, or the sometimes questionable actions she took to secure her gargantuan success, but we know we can agree that there's plenty we can learn from this iconic lady of the hour.

Below, we share our favourite edicts from Gabrielle, the Quest for Freedom.

1. Elegance is refusal
Say no to everything, even if you agree, just because it’s chic.


2. If you're born without wings, don't do anything to stop them from growing.
This either means that nature is not destiny, or that Chanel secretly had dreams of completing Da Vinci’s gliding wings and liberating women from the ground. It could be both. You decide.


3. Love solitude like a gift
Imagine Gabrielle Chanel alone in bed, wrapped in a blanket burrito and reposting a meme about not being able to adult today. Remember, there is always peace bring alone. You’re welcome. 


4.  Nothing replaces hard work; not titles, not nerve, not luck.
That’s just solid advice we can’t argue with.


5. Conquer your destiny, even if it means deliberately creating your own agenda.
A ringing endorsement of “alternative facts” if we’ve ever heard one.


6. Make ease a companion, and instinct a guardian.
Follow your guts, whether they lead you to build one of the world’s most recognisable brands or simply to the frozen food section of the (preferably Chanel) supermarket.


Do you agree? Watch the Inside Chanel film below and tell us your edict.

In short, be yourself, seize all opportunities, conquer your destiny and decide your own future.

Gabrielle, the Quest for Freedom - Inside CHANEL



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