Virgil Abloh is the new head for Louis Vuitton's menswear

The Off-White designer is set to debut his first Louis Vuitton men's collection in the June 2018 Men's Fashion Week.
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The star behind the coveted haute streetwear label Off-White, Virgil Abloh has just been appointed the new designer for Louis Vuitton men's division, the latest movement within the LVMH Group's stack of labels.

Expected to spice things up with his debut, Virgil makes the perfect candidate for Louis Vuitton, who has embraced the streetwear movement with collaborations with Supreme and Fragments recently.

On the appointment, CEO of Louis Vuitton, Michael Burke says, "Virgil is incredibly good at creating bridges between the classic and the zeitgeist of the moment."


With his appointment, Virgil will be showcasing his first Louis Vuitton menswear collection in the coming June 2018 fashion week.

The American born designer has always been applauded for his unique and fascinating point of view of fashion and his debut is one to behold, much like Kim Jones at Dior and  Riccardo Tisci at Burberry.

On his appointment, Virgil says, "This opportunity to think through what the next chapter of design and luxury will mean at a brand that represents the pinnacle of luxury was always a goal in my wildest dreams. And to show a younger generation that there is no one way anyone in this kind of position has to look is a fantastically modern spirit in which to start."

Are you excited for his June 2018 debut? We are! So stay tuned to see what's going to happen in just a few short months!

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