20 chicest French girls on Instagram that makes you go OUI!

The best way to learn that "je ne sais quoi" is to take it from a Parisian woman herself.
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If you want to be chic, look no further than French girls, who have almost no competition when it comes to effortless style and beauty.

Whether she’s riding a red Vespa, running (fashionably) late to a party, reading Jean-Paul Sartres at Café de la Muette, or picking up a last-minute outfit at a friperie in Le Marais, the Parisian woman leaves you wondering how she always looks so damn cool.  Her elegance, class, and je ne sais quoi seems to be ingrained in her DNA. 

So, it's time to keep your eyes wide open if you want to learn how to live as the chicest French girls do. And whether you find yourself in the city of light or not, you can also spot her online, posting photos of her enviable lifestyle for all to see (and emulate).

To help you uncover the key to effortless chic that you've always wanted, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest French girls to follow on Instagram, so you can get inspired all year long and stay in the know about all the French hotspots. 

Adèle Farine (@adelefarine)

Don’t be fooled by her glistening blue eyes and freckled button nose. Adèle Farine might look like a doll, but she does not dress the part. Instead, this French girl's style is a lot more eclectic: think floral skirts paired with vintage cowboy boots and band t-shirts. We love how her aesthetic is simultaneously edgy and ultra-feminine, and following her just might help you to learn new ways to style the pieces in your closet.

Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere)

Don’t be intimidated by this Paris-born, London-bred lawyer-turned-fashion-journalist with amazing style to boot. While she is one of the most exemplary French girls, embodying both the looks and the brains of the perfect Parisian woman, Camille Charriere does not take herself too seriously. Amidst the stream of sumptuous hotel lobbies, impeccable outfits, and royal weddings, she will also make you laugh (and wish you could be best friends). 

Sharon Alexie E (@flammedepigalle) 

She’s fierce, elegant and drop-dead gorgeous. But IMG model Sharon Alexie E. also happens to be an incredibly talented painter. We love how she incorporates her different interests into her feed, inspiring followers to live their best (and most aesthetically pleasing) multi-hyphenate lives. 

Clara Cornet (@claracornet) 

It has long been said that the French girl’s wardrobe staple is the little black dress, but for Clara Cornet, no such thing can be found in her closet. If you like a bit of eccentricity, her account will definitely add a pop of color, patterns, and texture to your feed. Having fun with fashion and beauty is trending for 2020, and Cornet may just give you the inspiration you need to take your style to the next level.

Anne Laure Mais (@annelauremais)

She’s the creative vision behind Musier, the Parisian brand of the moment (if you haven't gotten yourself the brand's faux-pearl cardigan already, this closet staple is definitely worth the investment). Follow the young (and very busy) entrepreneur as she takes us along with her travels to some of the world's hippest destinations. 

Milla Loud (@loudmilla) 

Though technically Milla Loud is not from France, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight the Belgian native, who still manages to embody plenty of French girl je ne sais quoi.  Her clean aesthetic and eclectic taste, which combines design, art, and fashion, is like a perpetual mood board. The artistic director and textile designer has a unique vision and contagious, joyful personality that will surely spice up your feed. 

Jeanne Damas (@jeannedamas)

You might have already heard of Jeanne Damas, but no list of Parisian it girls would be complete without her in it.  She is the founder of Rouje, the clothing company behind the floral wrap dresses you’ve been seeing on your favorite fashion bloggers. Damas is also a great reference for the coolest cafes and restaurants around Paris (say goodbye to your hours of research on Google) and even opened up her own restaurant in the heart of the second arrondissement, which features a full list of natural wines

Monica de La Villardière (@monicaainleydlv)

She is an advice columnist at Elle France and hosts the podcast “Fashion: No Filter” alongside Camille Charriere, who also made this list. Wherever she's making her mark, Monica de La Villardière brings a fresh, new voice to the conversations around fashion. On top of that, she has amazing taste. 

Garance Doré (@garancedore)

Garance Doré knows how to rock the loafers, jeans, and dress shirt look. While she might have been living in Los Angeles for the past couple of years, this author, entrepreneur, and true French girl never lost her Parisian flair (do they ever?). Embodying the Parisian version of the “working woman,” we love how practical and elegant Doré's style is. 

Fanny Bourdette-Donon (@fannybourdettedonon) 

France-born and Africa-raised, Fanny Bourdette-Donon is often spotted alongside close friend Bella Hadid. Beyond her lavish clothes and outings, this ultimate boss lady’s work ethic and covetable style will inspire you to go after your dreams, in the chicest possible way. 

Ilona Smet (@ilonasmet)

Besides the fact that she is the daughter of Estelle Lefébure, a '90s French supermodel who was once one of Helmut Newton’s muses, Ilona Smet has truly made a name for herself in the fashion industry. From a young age, the effortless beauty, who grew up between Los Angeles, Paris, and London, has already starred in a Balmain campaign and has graced the covers of many fashion magazines. This French girl's super cute wiener dog is definitely an added bonus of following her. 

Julia Mateian (@juliamateian)

If you’re into neutral colors with scenic Paris as a backdrop, Julia Mateian should definitely be on your radar. Get inspired by the digital marketing consultant's oversized trench coats and animal prints as she takes you on a tour of her gorgeous city. 

Caroline de Maigret (@carolinedemaigret)

Caroline de Maigret, in addition to being a successful model, is one of the authors behind How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are.  Living in between New York and Paris, the expert French girl is a citizen of both worlds. If she doesn’t make you want to get bangs right away, then she will be your number one reference on how to be Parisian if you don’t live in (or have never even been to) Paris.


Cindy Bruna (@cindybruna)

Born in France to Congolese and Italian parents, Cindy Bruna is one of fashion's favorite French girls and so much more. If she isn’t killing it on the runway or sweating it out at Dogpound, you can find the top model advocating to end human trafficking and other humanitarian causes. With such looks and charisma, it comes as no surprise that she has nearly a million followers to her name.

Chloé Bleinc (@chloebbbb)

If accessorizing is your thing, Chloe Bleinc, who has her own jewelry company, will make your dreams of diamonds and precious gems come true. Get inspired by her elegant designs, which are never too intricate because, as you may know, Parisian women always like to keep it on the low. 

Coline Aulagnier (@colinealg)

This natural beauty reminds us of what a California girl would be like if she grew up in Paris. Follow the model along her travels to dreamy tropical islands, and live vicariously through her urban beach girl vibes. 

Photo via Instagram / @slipintostyle

Ellie Delphine (@slipintostyle)

This Parisian jet-setter lives between London, Paris, and Milan, and her style embodies the best of what these fashion capitals have to offer. Unafraid to experiment with different colors and patterns, Ellie Delphine's unique take on a French girl aesthetic is definitely worth checking out. 

Constance Arnoult (@constancearnlt)

Needless to say, Constance Arnoult is the Brigitte Bardot of her generation. If you wish you could have lived in Paris during the swinging sixties, this French girl's black-and-white photography and wicker chapeaux will bring you back in time. 


Lena Simonne (@lena.simonne)

You can find Lena Simonne pursing her lips in an adorable pout on the billboard of the last Nasty Gal campaign, or looking like a bombshell on the beaches of Ischia, Italy. Regardless of where she finds herself, the model’s bohemian-chic effortlessness never leaves her side. 


Estelle Lubino (@estellelbn)

If you’re always on the hunt for the trendiest spots in Paris, we found your perfect match. This foodie will take you on a tour of the best restaurants throughout the city. From artfully curated smoothie bowls to baked pastries, get ready for some delicious content. 



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