#TFWGucci, a meme-inspired campaign

Trust Alessandro Michele to leave you crazy for memes with Gucci's new campaign.
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If you think you've seen it all in fashion, then be prepared to be surprised by Gucci's new social media campaign #TFWGucci.

A meme-inspired campaign made to launch its new collection of luxury watches, the Le Marché des Merveilles collection, Gucci has left us all bewildered with its creativity, innovation and pure self-mockery (swipe left below to see the memes).

For the #TFWGucci campaign, Alessandro Michele engaged with some of Internet's most celebrated meme creators including @textsfromyourexistentialist, @beigecardigan and visual artists like Amanda Charchian and Olaf Breuning to create a series of memes on the theme "That Feeling When...".

From eye rolling memes to cartoon editions and even an image of a dog's paw, Gucci is going all-out visually for this quirky series and we absolutely love it!


To see more #TFWGucci memes, visit



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