#BringOnTheJoy: Watch Selena Sloan disco it out with Coach

'Tis the season of merriment and Coach wants us all to disco out 24/7 to bring on the joy!
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Ever since the recent fashion week, retro is making a major comeback and on top of it all, Coach is headlining once again with its new Holiday 2017 campaign film, "Bring On The Joy", featuring Selena Sloan.

Neon lights, funky hair and plenty of sparkles, the disco days are just what we need to brighten up the cold winter days and live up to the holiday spirit.

And with Coach, the fun-loving American label decides to take us off the beaten track to its 24-hour disco party, which begs the question: "Where can we find of of these IRL?".

(Watch the Coach "Bring On The Joy" Holiday film below) 

Introducing Coach Holiday 2017

Directed by Warren Fu and shot in Los Angeles, the film opens to a monochromatic scene where Selena Sloan roams the streets before being transported into the colourful retro disco world of Coach.

Featuring a stream of models alongside Selena, the campaign film also brings back its iconic mascots like Rexy the Dinosaur, Sharky the Shark and a new friend, Uni the Unicorn (nothing beats a Unicorn for the festivities!).

And to end the note, Coach has also unveiled its Holiday 2017 advertising campaign featuring the one and only Selena Gomez in a background of a vintage Plymouth Fury that opens up to Coach's home ground New York City.

Shot by Steven Meisel (a regular of Coach), the campaign highlights one of Coach's signature bags, the Dinky, which is now dressed in a bright primrose hue.

(See Selena Gomez's campaign images below)



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