Get ready because Gucci is flying to San Francisco for Cruise 2021

Up helm, Gucci is heading towards San Francisco.
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Gucci announces the City and County of San Francisco as the destination to host its Cruise 2021 show, following the Italian house's quest to show at historical capitals including the Dia-Art Foundation in New York, the Cloisters of Westminster Abbey in London, the Palatine Gallery in Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the Promenade Des Alyscamps in Arles, and the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

"Creative Director Alessandro Michele has chosen the Northern Californian city for its history as a center of liberal activism," said the house in an official statement, "this spirit represents Alessandro Michele’s vision for Gucci: the acceptance of diversity and the right to be oneself.

Not only it is a monument to remember social movements such as LGBT equality and gun control, but San Francisco is also a cultural melting pot that cultivates the freedom of self-expression and counterculture.

Happening on 18th May 2020, we are looking forward to a Guccified Summer of Love.

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