Model Crush: Natalie Westling, Model

by Varnapriya Prakash, Singapore
A new week and a new crush of the rising stars of fashion runways!

At L'Officiel Malaysia, we are all about promoting the rising stars of the fashion industry – be it models, PR managers, fashion designers or photographers.

And now, we debut our  "Crush" series, where we showcase some of our latest fascinations in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, both local and internationally.

The first on our list? Model Natalie Westling, the new doe-eyed girl that we all love.

LOfficiel Singapore Natalie Westling model.png


Who's this girl?
With those fiery, pre-Raphaelite locks and a doe-eyed gaze, Natalie Westling has undoubtedly got 'it'. 

Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, the 20-year-old is a skater girl at heart, having cruised around on four wheels since the tender age of three.

It's no surprise then that Westling is “as chilled as a bowl of Frosties” (her words, not ours) and even has a VANS tattoo on her forearm to celebrate her appointment as the skate label's newest ambassador.


What she did: 
The crimson-haired beauty first turned heads in fashion after opening for the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2014 show at New York Fashion Week.

Barely four years in the industry, the wide-eyed Westling already has ad campaigns with Chanel, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Jil Sander campaigns under her belt.

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Why she’s one to watch?

It's official: Westling represents the new generation of titan-haired models ruling the runways. With her untamed spirit (much like her blazing mane), cryptic charm, and angelic features that belie a devil-may-care demeanour, her accelerating success with the likes of Calvin Klein, Prada, and Alexander Wang will only have the sky to limit it.



(Images: Instagram/@nataliewestling; Opening Ceremony)

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