Roger Vivier celebrates the 55th Anniversary of the Buckle

From Belle Vivier to Très Vivier, we explore the yesterday and today of Roger Vivier’s most iconic creation.
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This year, Roger Vivier celebrates the 55th anniversary of the Maison’s most iconic creation, the Buckle, which dates back to 1942 when Roger Viver claimed the patent of a heel with a statement buckle at the throat.

And in the following twenty years, Monsieur Vivier created the Maison’s couture paragons including the Stiletto, Choc and Tibet heels; later, in the 1960s, the designer made a turn into creating heels for a more diverse community.


In creating these models, I have thought of women who work and travel. Styles must be simple and refined.”

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The Buckle made its debut at the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in 1965, where the legendary Mondrian collection was introduced. This generation of Buckle sees a chrome-plated design, the geometrical silhouette was enlarged for a daring accent, almost entirely covering the throat and toe.

It was then immortalised by French actress Catherine Deneuve in the film Belle de Jour and this was how the shoe got its name – Belle Vivier.

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Photo courtesy: Instagram @rogervivier
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Photo courtesy: Instagram @rogervivier

For decades, the Buckle never stops evolving itself. From the shapes to the materials, we have seen plenty of wild imaginations conjured on the Buckle. Inspired by Belle Vivier, the Très Vivier captures the playful spirit of the 60s with a chunky, rounded Buckle without losing its geometrical accent. Even Roger Vivier’s first running shoe, the Viv’ Run sneakers becomes a part of this legacy. 

This 2020, in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Buckle, creative director Gherardo Felloni reimagined the Belle Vivier pumps for the Maison’s Spring/Summer 2020. Against a spectrum of colours, the Buckle is more dynamic than ever – covered in leather, polished in metal or bejewelled with crystals.

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