Malaysia is the first Asian country to customise your Dior Lady D-Lite

You love it in the Book Tote bag and now you can do the same with Lady Dior.
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First seen on the Dior Book Tote bag, which quickly became a must for all jet sets (both male and female), the Dior name customisation service now turns its head towards the new Dior Lady D-Lite – the latest innovation and rendition of the classic Lady Dior.

Joining the likes of London, Milan, Paris, Tsum, Kuwait, Dubai and Stoleshnikov, Malaysia is the first Asian country to host this customisation service for the Lady D-Lite at the at Dior Pavilion Pop Up Kuala Lumpur.

1582874898100331 dior lady d lite pavilion customisation kuala lumpur 1

On the Lady D-Lite, it is the latest rendition of the ever-green, ever-loved classic Lady Dior handbag, which embodies the quintessence of the House’s spirit and a tribute to Monsieur Dior.

For Lady D-Lite, the star features is the new reinterpretation of the Cannage motif, revisited in 3-D embroidery, that brings a lighter and more dynamic and youthful silhouette to its predecessor. For Lady D-Lite, it also comes with fully-embroidered matching strap, which is embellished with the founding couturier's name, mirroring its sister collections like the Dior Saddle.

Available in a myriad of hues and colours, the Lady D-Lite is fun, young, exciting, and everything else we would love to see for Spring/Summer 2020.

Take a look at the savoir-faire of the Dior 'Lady D-Lite' Bag below:

1582874935147519 dior lady d lite pavilion customisation kuala lumpur 3
The Savoir-faire of the Dior 'Lady D-Lite' Bag

There is a special design of the Lady D-Lite that allows customisation where you can embroider your name on the body of the bag, replacing the "Christian Dior" embroidery – just like the Dior Book Tote version. This bespoke service will be available in Malaysia from 1st March 2020 onwards and is exclusive to the Dior Pavilion Pop Up Kuala Lumpur.

And you better hurry because both the Dior pop-up store and the customisation service is only available for a limited time only!

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Discover more at the Dior Pavilion Pop Up Kuala Lumpur,

now located at Level 3, Couture Pavilion inside of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall.



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