Louis Vuitton drops a Petite Malle-shaped AirPod case

Finally, a Louis Vuitton case for the Apple fans is coming!
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Stop what you're doing right now, because Louis Vuitton is officially releasing the thing you didn't know you needed most: a Louis Vuitton AirPod Case!

Now your favorite tech accessory can have that luxury touch because now too many people are walking the streets with the listening device of the moment sticking out of their ears.  The case is inspired by LV's classic trunks and Petite Malle clutch, and, bonus: it's WEARABLE as it doubles as a necklace. This will definitely beat everyone's favorite Jacquemus Mini Chiquito in the functionality department. 

Back in January, the house released their own $995 version of the popular wireless headphones, one-upping all the rich kids of Twitter flaunting their Apple Swag. It seems that since then, the brand has realized that they should also capitalize on the earbuds that most people already owned, so here we are with this new case. 

We don't yet have a release date, but you can be sure that streetwear fans everywhere, as well as a healthy dose of the fashion crew, will be snatching these up whenever they do drop. Get ready!!!


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