#Longchamp70: 10 minutes with Kendall Jenner

We flew to Paris with Longchamp to have an exclusive tête-à-tête with Kendall Jenner, the new brand ambassador of Longchamp.
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One of the most coveted face in fashion, Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) is a force to be reckoned with and this year, she is appointed the brand ambassador of Longchamp – just in time for the brand's 70th anniversary in Paris.

Following the brand's long tradition of working with the most creative talents, Kendall is an obvious choice for the brand. Cool, vibrant and a bonafide world citizen, she is fitting of Longchamp in every aspect.

And as you might have known (if you follow our Instagram @lofficielmalaysia), we were one of the lucky few to be flown to Paris for Longchamp's 70th anniversary celebration and one of the only five media worldwide to get a chance to meet Kendall in person.

Without further ado, we bring you our exclusive interview with Kendall Jenner:

(Photo shot by @nicolaswagnerphoto, exclusively for L'Officiel Malaysia)

How has been so far working as the Longchamp brand ambassador?

I'm super excited about it. I think that when it came along, I just felt that it fit very well. Longchamp is very much a traveller's brand and the whole aspect of horses and the lifestyle is very me.


When was your first encounter with Longchamp?

I remember always seeing Longchamp at airports and malls. So, I was always walking in and out of it.


What was your first Longchamp bag?

I don't remember exactly but I remember it being small, like this size (*pointing at her Longchamp Amazone Hobo Bag XS size*). It wasn't anything too crazy.

(Photo by Bureau Future for Longchamp)


Longchamp has long been associated with the term "world citizen". What is your definition of it?

I think someone who is well-travelled and one who takes in every moment and really experiences the places that they are in.


You are, of course, very well-travelled. How do you always stay ready travel at a moment's notice?

It's not always easy but every time before I go for a trip, I try to plan my outfits to make my day a little easier. Usually, when I'm working every single, it is easier for me to just wake up and have my outfit preset for the day.

Sometimes once I start running out, I start creating them (outfits) on the fly which gets a bit tricky but it works out (laughs).

(Photo shot by @nicolaswagnerphoto, exclusively for L'Officiel Malaysia)


Since you are the Amazone girl, which is your favourite Longchamp Amazone bag?

I really like the python leather ones and I like the classic ones because it goes with everything.


It is Longchamp's 70th anniversary and it has become quite a big year working with everything American – Shayne Oliver, the New York show and with you. How does it feel like to be part of this milestone?

I'm am honoured! It is their 70th year and to be part of this is really cool. Also, to be in such great company as Kate Moss and the rest was really great.

The New York show was a big one for Longchamp and it was very beautiful.

Longchamp Amazone Winter 2018 Campaign

What was your favourite #LongchampNYFW moment?

Definitely Kaia (Gerber). A couple of my friends walked the show but Kaia is a really good friend of mine and to see her open the show was great.


When you think about Longchamp and Paris? What are the first things that comes to mind?

Elegance. Class.


You are always on-the-move for your work. How do you keep your life balanced and stay grounded?

I think my friends help me with that. Just being around them and always surrounded by good people definitely help. I think that's the best thing for me and it keeps me the most sane.



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