Have you seen the larger-than-life Gucci campaign in New York?

The large-scale 2,500 square foot wall now showcases artwork by Gucci muse and famed illustrator Jayde Fish.

Partnering with Colossal Media, an agency known for its hand painted outdoor advertising, Gucci has flown to New York to take over a 2,500 square foot wall for its new spring 2017 campaign.

Done in collaboration with its latest muse San Francisco-based illustrator, Jayde Fish, the large scale mural showcasing Jayde’s artwork is now located in the heart of Soho, New York City on Lafayette Street between Prince St. and Spring St.

Painted over the course of six days, the mural also comes along with a geo-tagged Snapchat filter created by Jayde herself, which are now available for all Snapchat users nearby the location.

A new venture to promote and revive the almost forgotten art form of hand painted outdoor advertising, Jayde’s artwork will be available on the wall until the end of March.

Acontinuous effort, Gucci will also continue to feature more artist collaborations on this wall throughout the year.


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