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Have you tried the Karlie Kloss x Swarovski Dating Quiz?

Find out what your love symbol is with Karlie's dating quiz.

We all know and love that geek chic side of Karlie Kloss and this Valentine’s Day, Swarovski puts the top model to the test to “kode” a dating quiz for Valentine’s Day.

So, what does this quiz do? To put it simply, it actually helps you pick your very own inner love symbol, which has its own jewellery from Swarovski’s Crystal Wishes collection.

“I built this Valentine’s Day quiz in one of my computer science classes with my teacher Avi, as a fun way to play around and be creative.”

Questions within includes “What do restaurant leftovers have to do with dating?” and “what is your favourite dance moves?”, each with its very own Karlie GIF that will break a smile even on the toughest crowd.

And there are five symbols chosen for the quiz: Star, Key, Eye, Heart and Moon and it comes with matching jewellery!


So head over to to find out your symbol and if you’re curious, Karlie's result is the star symbol.



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