Fendi California Sky collection makes 2D illustrations fashion!

What we loved from the Fendi Café has returned in a wearable, chic and trendy fashion collection.
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Remember the spectacular space in London where Fendi served delicious coffee at the Fendi Café? Now imagine the café get turned into a fantastic capsule collection. That is the Fendi California Sky collection, created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based visual artist Joshua Vides.

Using 2D illustration as the core theme, the California Sky collection features Joshua's signature black and white marker aesthetic and interpreting that into a series of ready-to-wear, accessories and bag collections.

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While 2D illustrations is used as a concept, the effect is more three-dimensional that you'd imagine, where charming 3D, tromp-l’oeil effects are visualised by mapping the seams and edges of a range of urban and resort styles.

Reworking the FENDI Stamps and the iconic FF logo, the collection is taken to the streets of California to bring out a cartoonish, graphic exuberance that plays on both cool streetwear and classic Roman motifs we love from Fendi.

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From luxurious featherweight fur coats, cardigans and reversible padded blousons to the Peekaboo and Baguette iconic bags, the Fendi California Sky collection bring the dynamic, free-spirited Californian dream to life. One that makes our wardrobe a fun and liberating experience for the coming season.

Are you onboard for a ride into the Californian sunset ala Fendi style?


See the gallery below for the full Fendi California Sky collection:



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