Let Amelia and Jane take you back in time to discover the Bonia 1991 Venice Bag

After its debut three decades ago, Bonia brings back the 1991 Venice Bag as the centrepiece of its “Neu Romantic” collection.
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This season, Bonia has turned heads with its “Neu Romantic” collection and in the centre of it stood a revived Bonia icon from the 90s – the Venice bag, a design that was inspired by the tale of two star-crossed lovers on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

As one of Bonia's most iconic creations, the Venice bag is now re-editioned for the women of today – proving that its silhouette and aesthetic are timeless and loved no matter the era.

And right here, we present to you a special collaboration staring social media influencer and beauty entrepreneur Jane Chuck (@janechuck) and actress Amelia Henderson (@ameliath), where we bring you back in time to the 90s for a fun-filled adventure to discover the Venice bag.

This exclusive fashion film produced in collaboration with Bonia sees the two stars in a common office setup where they yearn for an escape from the mundane and soon discover a time tunnel that takes them back to the vibrant and pop-filled era of the 90s.

There, the two discovers the re-editioned version of the Bonia Venice bag and set off for a colourful and exciting fashion adventure before taking the bag back to the present – proving that the silhouette and design of the Venice are perfectly timeless and ever coveted.


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“For the ‘Neu Romantic’ collection, we wanted to celebrate the brand’s legacy of craftsmanship and sophistication by reimagining one of our most iconic creations, the Venice. This re-edition takes an iconic ‘90s favourite and reinvigorates it with a modern yet classic silhouette and a few, more contemporary details.”

–  Dato Sri Daniel Chiang, Executive Director of Bonia.



For the new rendition of the Venice bag, it is crafted with calf leather in a sleek silhouette that features the intricate "Neu B" locket, a redesigned emblem that pays tribute to the brand’s heritage. The bag also comes with a top handle and an adjustable strap, which allows even more versatility for its wearer.

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Available in three different sizes (standard, small and petite) in a variety of colours and finishing including calf leather, embossed Croco leather and three special editions, the Venice bag celebrates the craftsmanship, sophistication and innovation of Bonia in a renewed light as the brand ventures into a bolder and more contemporary creative direction.

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