#DIORODEO: Inside Dior Cruise 2019 show with Maria Grazia Chiuri

We take a look inside Diorodeo and hear what Maria Grazia Chiuri has to say about it in an L'Officiel-exclusive video.
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It is in this stunning city of Chantilly, dedicated to horses and in a pouring rain, that Maria Grazia Chiuri presented her Dior Cruise 2019 collection, titled "Diorodeo".

An open-air riding arena, evanescent music and suddenly came the rain, intense and incessant.

Fashion editors and countless stars shake themselves up in the front row, bend their legs under their casual chic evening dress to hide under umbrellas.

The atmosphere is theatrical. It's fashion as we love it!

The show starts with a parade Mexican-esque amazons who danced before our eyes on their white horses – powerful and supportive. The tone is set.

The models tread the catwalk in light wood with a proud step, sometimes sketching a smile.

With this runway, Maria Grazia Chiuri pays tribute to the escaramuzas, traditional Mexican riders who fought for the right to participate in the charreada – an equestrian practice of performing several events in public – in the same way as men.

It is not only their strength of character but also their costume – full skirt, embroidery, big hat – that inspired Maria herself.

The arched jackets, a moving aesthetic perfection, and the coats are worn with ample and extravagant skirts. The silhouettes are slim, marked by high belts.

The toile de Jouy, a classic pattern from France, is modernised by the use of wild animals. Featured on the bags, we bet that everyone will be on the waiting list on its arrival in-store. Other fashion hits include the rubberised black boots that we see passing in delight with Maria's signature petticoats and Dior's iconic Bar jacket.


The wide-brimmed straw hats, made by Stephen Jones, are worn with white dresses, embroidered with traditional dressmaking techniques, with inlays of lace (a Chantilly speciality) declined in graphic versions with the use of black hues.

The craftsmanship, the transmission, the inheritance are at the heart of this collection. The Dior women are a diverse group: those of Monsieur Dior; those of Antiquity in the features of Amazon; those of the novel The House to the Spirits, of the Chilean author Isabel Allende; and above all, those of today, as seen by Maria Grazia Chiuri since her arrival at Dior.

Tonight, with this second collection cruise, the combination of the masculine and feminine as she envisioned since the beginning is definitely the perfect option.

See what Maria Grazia Chiuri has to say in this exclusive video:

Interview: Maria Grazia Chiuri on Dior Cruise 2019



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