Dior unveils a China-exclusive couture capsule collection

Dior relives its Spring/Summer 2018 couture fantasy in Shanghai and launch a 12-piece couture capsule for its Chinese patrons.

We all know that China is a must-hit market for all luxury brands and the latest to make a hit is Dior, who hosts a special showcase of its Spring/Summer 2018 couture collection in Shanghai.

And on top of that, Maria Grazia Chiuri created a 12-piece capsule collection, as a special homage to China (yes, an haute couture capsule collection and it's only available in China!).

As if that wasn't amazing enough, Maria also has some of the designs in pink and red, which is a "symbol of good fortune, along with being a favourite hue of the founding couturier who described it as 'the colour of life' n his Little Dictionary of Fashion" (according to Dior's statement).

See it for yourself down in the gallery below:




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