Dara Allen and more defines 'alive' in Salvatore Ferragamo Viva the VIVA!

The ladies from around the globe celebrate the birth of Salvatore Ferragamo's Viva shoes.
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Salvatore Ferragamo and creative director Paul Andrew present the Viva, a new addition to the house's footwear collections.

Viva, meaning 'alive' in English, is introduced to the universe of Salvatore Ferragamo as a next-gen icon that connects the past, present and future. The Viva inherits the signature bow of Ferragamo's Vara, enlarged to radiate with a fresh, youthful design.

It comes in a curved, structural silhouette, inspired by Paul Andrew's favourite artist Richard Serra's sinuous sculpture.



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"The thing that makes me feel the most alive is when I’m, like my brain’s running really fast and I can’t stop it and that’s all my creativity it’s like flowing. It’s good to be scared. To feel like I’ve never done this before and I’m so scared of what it’s going to turn out like and that’s where like living happens."

-Dara Allen


To celebrate the birth of a new design at Salvatore Ferragamo, six talents from different cultural background and fields are cast to parade the various characters of Viva in Viva the VIVA! campaign, where the ladies interpret their styles and define 'alive' in their very own words.

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“To me, what it means to live your own life is to not be afraid to take up space. Create room in there to just wander and get lost a little bit and be present.” – Debby Ryan
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"I feel the most alive when I’m in trees and cooking with fire and camping and I’ve dirt in my toes. I do, I love it!" – Kiersey Clemons
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"To truly live means to be fearless, not care what other people think, be kind to others and have a compassionate heart. I feel the most powerful when I can make someone laugh. Making someone laugh is the best feeling in the entire world." – Olivia Mu Sui
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"What it means to be confident is such a loaded question for people who exist in bodies like mine. I don’t think its disingenuous, it’s just like I radically accept large parts of myself that for most people, they wouldn’t accept. Despite feeling I’m not killing it, I’m not beautiful, I still step into my life." – Paloma Elsesser
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"I think balance gives me life. I really believe in making sure that every aspect of your life is taken care of. Living such a nomadic lifestyle and going from place to place, it’s hard to keep a sense of self. So routine is what keeps me balanced. It’s what keeps me focused, it’s what keeps me feeling like myself." – Camila Mendes

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