Converse launches first gender-free apparel collection

It is made for all – regardless of your shape, gender or preference.

Converse has always been loved and celebrated for its Chuck Taylor shoes, which is a shoe collection known for catering to all genders and sizes.

The concept of unisex and being gender-free is famous for the youth of today, which leads Converse to launch its first clothing collection designed entirely without the concept of sex, and it is set to debut this summer 2020.

Embracing the concept of genderlessness and aims to debut several more launches later this 2020, the first drop to arrive is  “Shapes”, where designs are made according to body shapes instead of gender. 5 core pieces are launched in four sizes and these 5 pieces are 50% recycled materials and 50% raw cotton.


Swipe the gallery to see the collection:




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