Christian Louboutin designs Star Wars-inspired shoes for charity

Because us girls love Star Wars too (and wants to be the next most stylish Jedi of the universe)!
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From Leia Organa (Return Of The Jedi) to Rey (The Force Awakens), female Jedis represents important turning points of the Star Wars franchise and since the debut of Rey, we are in love!

And to welcome the upcoming premiere for The Last Jedi (14th December for Malaysia), the Walt Disney Company has partnered once again with Christian Louboutin to create a Star Wars-inspired shoe collection.

Now, our inner-geeks are out and we plan to go strong with The Force on our heels!

For the 5-piece collection, the shoes are inspired by the four heroines of the film including the lightsaber-wielding hero Rey, the mechanic Rose, the Resistance leader Amilyn Holdo and the villainous Captain Phasma.

And each is named respectively after their characters and has a signature touch added to them – a bespoke, glimmering jewel of the TIE Fighter spaceship.

Rey sees a design with crystal-studded heels that reflects the light sabre and leather ankle straps to evoke the "Scavenger" look, while Phasma sees a curved chrome heel to pay homage to her armour.

Then we have Amilyn Holdo's soles that play with the hue of her hair (mauve) and her signature cape. Last but not least, there's Rose that sees a sturdier chunky heel with golden fabric ankle strap.

(Swipe to see the shoes up close)


And if you've noticed, there's only four mentioned. Why? Because the final design and pièce de résistance of the collection is a surprise to be unveiled at the Los Angeles premiere of The Last Jedi on 9th December 2017.

On his final design, Christian says, "The sabre on the heel—I put the power on the heel. Rey is the one with the Force, she is the Jedi and a very physical and reactive person.

Much is not known about the shoe yet, but Vanity Fair has unveiled a sketch of the shoe, which you can see below.

And for this collection, each shoe will be signed by Christian Louboutin himself and each of the actresses that plays the characters in the film, but they will not be available for purchase.

Instead, they will be auctioned off starting from 7th December 2017 onwards, where its proceeds benefiting Starlight Children’s Foundation, on behalf of Star Wars: Force For Change.


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