Burberry Belt Bag is the new "It" bag for all

One of the last designs by Christopher Bailey, the Burberry Belt Bag is the new classic we need to treasure.
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With the official exit of Christopher Bailey looming around the corner and his swansong Burberry collection showcased in February, we can't help but feel saddened.

But before the imminent happens, Christopher has created something to cheer us up – the Burberry Belt Bag.

One of his final designs, the Belt Bag was unveiled at the Burberry February 2018 show and has since become a new classic on the arms of countless celebrities and fashion stars.

The Stars with the Belt Bag

From the East to the West, the Burberry Belt Bag is one that has captivated hearts of many including Zendaya, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Naomi Watts, Choi Ji Woo and more.

Even our local personalities like Fyza Kadir and Brian See were spotted swinging this new love (that's right, it's also made for the gents).

Inspired by the Burberry trench coat, the Belt Bag mirrors the silhouette and attitude of the iconic outerwear, most notable the adapted lapel details, complete with an oversized belt that wraps around the bag.

(See who has flaunted the Belt Bag below)

Handcrafted in Italy, each of these bags comes with a unique contrast-coloured lining and striking combination of colours on its outer body.

And there are 11 colours to choose from in two sizes (medium and large) including sage green, bright yellow or regency blue, all of which comes with a matching colour and an additional contrast-coloured belt.

Handcarry it or strap it over your shoulders, the Belt Bag is versatile, timeless and beautiful, just like everything else that Christopher has created for Burberry in the past 17 years.​

​​​​​​(See some of the top picks in the gallery below)


Which colour is your favourite? We personally love the medium-sized white bag with yellow lining and green belt (for the ladies); and the large edition in sleek black version (for the gents).

Talk about the perfect couple fashion!

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