First look: The CHANEL-PHARRELL collection

Inspired by the cult Japanese anime "Akira", the coming CHANEL PHARRELL collection is one that will blow your mind away.
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First announced during his live performance for Chanel in Bangkok, the much anticipated Chanel x Pharrell collaboration is finally arriving and we have the first look at the collaboration right here. 

Muse and ambassador to the house of Chanel, Pharrell makes his debut as a co-designer for Chanel in a recent event for the brand in Seoul and he has since worked with a few magazines to feature the collection, aptly named "CHANEL-PHARRELL".

Set to launch exclusively first in Chanel Seoul on 29th March 2019, before the global launch on 4th April, the CHANEL-PHARRELL collection highlights a heavy inspiration drawn from streetwear and motorcycle gangs, which includes pieces like a bathrobe, brightly-coloured hoodies, T-shirts and a range of accessories and bags.

To kickstart this collaboration, we have for you a sneak peek of the fashion campaign that stars Pharrell and a legion of models, which is inspired by Akira, an iconic Japanese animated post-apocalyptic cyberpunk film and manga series.

For the cast, Pharell cast a diverse group of models which includes Adesuwa Aighewi, Adut Akech, Alton Mason, Anna Ewers, Anok Yai, Hoyeon Jung, Kris Grikaite, Ophelie Guillermand, Soo Joo Park and Yoon Young Bae.

Some of our favourites so far include the graphic white long sleeve t-shirt on Pharrell that features his personal anecdote about Chanel, sneakers with doodles and the oversized shopper bag (which was featured in Bazaar Korea). The collection also sees a heavy play of several Chanel icons like the double 'C' logo, the number '5' and the name 'Coco'. 


On his collaboration with Chanel, Pharrell says, "Chanel is not afraid of these things, just like Gabrielle wasn’t afraid. There doesn’t need to be boundaries as long as you can hold onto the heritage and continue to push it, like Karl always did. We don’t need walls, we need bridges."


Swipe to see the CHANEL PHARRELL campaign images below:


Ahead of the launch of the collection this week, Pharrell and his cast stars in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video by Chanel to talk about his collection, the idea of gender fluidity, the influence of 'Akira' in his campaign film and more.

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage of the CHANEL-PHARRELL campaign shoot here:

Behind-the-scenes of the CHANEL Pharrell Film



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