Back to Studio 54 with Braun Büffel Fall/Winter 2018

Disco balls, neon lights, Pop Art and grunge glamour sums up the inspiration for the new Braun Büffel Fall/Winter 2018 collection by Fabio Panzeri.
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The 70s is perhaps one of the most glamorous eras in fashion (think Bianca Jagger on a horse at Studio 54) and that era was the starting point for creative director Fabio Panzeri's design process for the Braun Büffel Fall/Winter 2018.

Grungy, glamorous, edgy and vibrant, the Braun Büffel Fall/Winter 2018 collection brings the nostalgic charm of the '70s to a contemporary context befitting of style-setters of today.

And if you have been following Braun Büffel for the past year (since the appointment of Fabio), you know that you are up for a treat this coming season!

(Watch the Braun Büffel Fall/Winter 2018 campaign film below)

Braun Büffel Fall/Winter 2018 Campaign Film

In the new context, Fabio marries two contrasting elements together, where chic evening glamour meets minimalistic silhouettes, and the result is stunning.

Featuring a colour palette with hints of Bordeaux burgundy, military forest green and deep ocean blue and added with a line of contemporary kaleidoscopic hues inspired by the Pop Art movement, the collection is made for every single woman.

And in Fabio's vision of Braun Büffel, he believes in gender equality for fashion, where his designs are made to be worn by both male and female – be it a shoulder bag, a clutch, a backpack or a briefcase.

Read on as we bring you through our favourites of the collection:


For the strong-willed fashionista who likes to make a bold, yet silent statement, then the Kelis collection is one to be considered.

This season, the signature Kelis gets a facelift in form of black and white ornamentation with gold metal finishing for that luxurious touch.

Dressed in black leather, the supple feel of the bag contrasted with a structured silhouette makes it perfect for both work and leisure – be it the jewel-like clutch or the charming top handle.



For the vivacious girl who likes an electrical zap of style, then the Ris series is the perfect choices.

Striking hard with metallic colours with intricate weave-like pattern, the new Ris series is a collection of statement pieces that will bring eyes to you wherever you go.

Then we also have a cleaner Ris in textured leather that highlights bold lining in neon colours (think green, red and yellow) around the bag – almost mirroring the neon lights flashing through the nightlife of New York. 


And the star of this Fall/Winter 2018 is definitely the Ophelia collection but more specifically the range with the House’s signature horsehair printed calf leather.

A luxe finish lined with bright colours around the silhouette with a tusk-shaped accessory, the Ophelia is the perfect marriage between the rock grungy vibes of the 70s and the charming modern contemporary aesthetics of Fabio.

From the handbag made for day-to-day use to the small waist pouch that can be slung over the shoulder or strapped around the waist, the Ophelia is the versatile partner we all need in our wardrobe.

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