Louis Vuitton presents Game On, the Cruise 2021 collection

The Cruise 2021 collection, aptly named 'Game On,' takes inspiration from a deck of cards, bringing some fun and games back into high fashion.
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Right now, travel is nearly impossible, making it the perfect time to ‘travel’ inward, to get to know ourselves better and improve ourselves. Nicolas Ghesquiere, Creative Director for Louis Vuitton’s women's collection, did exactly that for the brand’s latest cruise show.

In a press release, this new collection is described as “inspired by a stationary journey” inwards, an “exploration of [Ghesquiere’s] creative identity” in the designer's past, present, and future.

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The collection is named “Game On,” a reminder that “fashion is a game.” It draws inspiration from a deck of cards, not necessarily a game in itself, but greater: it is something that allows for an almost endless possibility of games that can be played, and creates togetherness through entertainment, much like fashion.

The collection’s bags take a cheekily literal interpretation of the theme. One bag is shaped like a heart, while another is shaped like four fanned playing cards. For those who love classic Louis Vuitton styles, some bags come in recognizable styles, adorned with a bright stamp of a playing cards suit over the iconic monogram.

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The bags might be statement pieces, but so are the clothes. The designer boldly mixes patterns and colours, the entire rainbow is represented in the bright pops of colour that decorate each look. Ghesquiere plays with silhouettes: layering sweaters over long sleeves, combining menswear with flared mermaid skirts, even stripes on stripes on plaid.

Instead of the usual backdrop of glamorous travel destinations or the great hall of an iconic airport, like last year, Nicolas Krief photographed the collection inside Ghesquiere’s studio in Paris, further implying a journey not outside but into ourselves.

With such bold colours and silhouettes, the collection is not for the faint of heart. It's for those who are unafraid to look inwards and explore oneself, and then express themselves through fashion. 



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