Fall 2019: Inside the last Fendi collection by Karl Lagerfeld

A touching tribute video followed a collection that celebrated the late Karl Lagerfeld's favorite details.
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The audience at Fendi, plunged into complete darkness, hears a voice ... then discovers a face they knows well. It was of Karl Lagerfeld, who says, "It's prehistoric but I remember, in the 1960s, we did not go I had a Cerruti hat, long hair, black glasses, a printed lavalier tie, and a jacket like these English hunting tricks - Norfolk, we call it - with French panties, boots and a bag that I had found in Milan, in a vague Scottish tweed. "

These images of Karl Lagerfeld at his office, in 2012, are from the documentary "Karl Is Taking Shape" by Loïc Prigent. They will serve as a highlight at a time as close to the tribute as the show ... because the "Kaiser" would never have wanted the fashion to stop beating its pulse, as well as it is.

The first silhouette – the crossover jacket worn by Fran Summers, doped with the modernity of logo-printed tights and shoes-socks, is also a nod to a dandy Karl in his 30 years. On the runway, we also see other looks that put a good foot into the 1970s.

The collection was colourful, and it sparks joy – like how Karl would've wanted it to be. Something that is out of the box, yet feels so familiar to what we know of him and of Fendi.


Swipe gallery below to see the full collection:

Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi



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